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February 11 2014


How To Care Your Diamonds By Prabodh Mehta Gembel

By Prabodh Mehta from Gembel Diamonds in Belgium - Your diamond jewelry may shine for a lifetime. With a little care it is possible guaranteed to maintain its luster to the jewel had on the day of purchase. Below we give you some tips on how to get your jewelry in good condition and protect against damage.

Protect your diamond jewelry
Diamonds are the hardest gemstones in the world. Therefore, they can only damage each other. Thus they remain shiny and free of scratches, store it in the best original box, a soft cloth pouch or in a specially designed jewelry box. Make sure that the diamonds are not against each other.

A diamond jewelry piece consists of more than just diamonds. In the jewelry manufacturing Gembel Diamonds processed gold in different colors and also platinum. To maintain the shine, you should avoid contact with chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia and liquid cleaning products. Do not wear your jewelry at hard labor, as the tips are fragile. We also recommend that you check the piece of jewelry from time to time on a possible loosening of the components.

Jewellery Care
As per the Prabodh Mehta, you can polish the jewelry without damaging it. It's easier than you think about gold, platinum, diamonds and precious stones are easy to maintain with conventional care products. Note that this care product is only for the care and not to remove scratches of diamond jewelry and also not for jewelry with gem or gems. By the jewelry again can polish scratches are removed.

A gentle soap solution
Place the jewelry in a bowl of warm, soapy solution of a detergent and a bit of salt cake or soda. Brush with a soft toothbrush and rinse under warm running water. Dab with a soft, lint-free cloth. Do not use paper towels. Do not forget to close the sink.

During the same phrase; Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta has also explained that while placing the diamond jewelry in a bowl with a mixture of 3/4 water and 1/4 ammonia will also bring your diamonds to its best shining. Half an hour soak, and then clean with a soft toothbrush. Rinse and place on paper towels to dry.

Professional cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaners are the best method for easy cleaning of jewelry with many rough edges, but can only be used for diamond jewelry, as they can damage other gemstones and pearls. These devices are specifically designed for diamond jewelry.

January 07 2014


2.7 Million Carats Promise To Get The 2014 By Gembel Diamonds Belgium

Diamond Company "Gembel European Sales NV in Belgium" reported the gem industry on the results of the year. General Director of "Gembel Diamonds", Prabodh Mehta spoke about the results of work in 2013, and plans for the coming year, informs to diamonds merchants in different regions of the world. "In 2013, the company's staff of" Gembel diamonds in belgium" has been involved in the researches of new diamonds with sharp and colorful pattern with exceptional designs. In the short term, that is in 2014, in addition to working at these facilities, the experts of Gembel will be put into operation immediately into three fields comprised of researches on new diamonds, organizing diamond events and involving in opening new segments of Gembel in varied section of the world. 

In 2013, the company of Prabodh Mehta in Belgium put emphasized on researches on different diamonds with gold and silver combination where now in 2014 will work to have collaboration with prominent mining centers and other prestigious diamond merchants in order to expand its diamond businesses in all across the world. 

Monetary value of financial and economic indicators of "Prabodh Mehta Gembel" for 2013: 

• Revenue from sales of almost 6 billion rubles, which is 1.5 percent higher than targets 
• Net profit amounted to RUR 1.4 billion - 7 percent more than planned. 

In 2014 situation should be fundamentally different: 

• Revenue from sales of products, according to the company's plans, will have 10 billion rubles.
• The net profit will amount to 2.7 billion rubles. Dynamics as compared with 2013 year.

All these figures and facts depict how best Prabodh Mehta takes his diamond company on the peak of the list. Since from its inception in 1957 till now the Gembel has really made out of its committed services. Whether it is necklace, bangles, rings or any other form of jewelry Gembel diamonds are always remain on its peak while offering the world with majestic diamonds. 

The company was established in the year of 1957 by Late Kirtilal Mehta who was the first to take the business from India to Belgium. Since then the company has showed its best in delivering the pure diamonds. The group of Gembel is accredited by RJC - Responsible Jewellery Council; an authority that is responsible for authorizing the gem company. On receiving the accreditation, Prabodh Mehta said that it is a great honor for Gembel European Sales NV to have RJC accreditation this will make us more strict and committed towards our services. On the occasion, Prabodh Mehta also added that we are on the way to bring more stylish and amazing segment of colorful diamonds.

Thus, if you are looking to buy pure diamonds then get connected with Prabodh MehtaGembel that will bring your personality under focus. Whether it is birthday anniversary, wedding occasion or any other family or business get together; Gembel Diamonds in pink, purple, yellow, white or many more here you will find latest collections of diamonds that will make your shadow to shine.

January 03 2014


Gembel In Belgium Launches Series Of True Diamonds

Every day is a new day, every day is different, same goes with fashion it changes everyday. Diamonds have always been the favorite of women and talking about diamond jewelry is such a request value for a woman. Here under this section we bring a latest trend in jewelry by Prabodh Mehta in Belgium that embedded diamonds with unique designs; the fashion of diamonds do not change so quickly, but with a truly elegant and stylish design and models are now extended fashion keeps redefining regular intervals.

While interviewing Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta who is not only directing the firm of Gembel in Belgium but also played a vital role as a trustee of Lilavati Hospital. He added while speaking of 2013, this year is promising all respects, not just the economy changed the financial position of the jewelry industry but also the attitude to buy them. Speaking about the latest trends in diamond necklaces, new fashion says big necklaces in other words that make big statements; gone are those days of wearing something that is too sober and quiet, this is the year to shout out loud style statement. Earrings, chandelier earrings are something garnet, topaz, black diamond and pink stones, gold are some of the segment that you will find always with a creative change.

Diamond bracelet by Prabodh Mehta suits the fashionable needs of the modern world and this is a piece of jewelry that could change with one hand your entire inventory, adding the exceptional elegance and style that is unmatched and untapped. This year, be sure to go for something that is bold, unique and unusual stylish and elegant. Also do not miss the designer diamond bracelets with large hoop earrings accompanied with multi strand necklaces.

He also added in his statement that Jewelry has always been considered as a continuous piece, regardless of the year or how ever the trends and styles change, one thing that remains the same is the style and glam that diamond jewelry brings in. So; if you are planning to buy this season, something that is stylish and elegant and also fashionable at all times, regardless of what year or what season it is, then surely go for diamond earrings, diamond bracelets, diamond necklaces and so on. In the latter half of the year, traditional favorites would return, which would include shades of green, gray and chocolate brown. So, you are ready for the latest trends in diamond jewelry? Get with us with Gembel European Sales in Belgium and find your true diamond.

If you want true diamond then get contact to prabodh mehta a man with creative diamonds has revolutionarized the gem market through the way of Prabodh Mehta in Belgium and find the diamonds with different colors and find lots more about prabodh mehta lilavati hospital.

Belgium Diamond Merchants Lead The Gem Market

Diamond merchants are always looking for new kinds of proposals that would intrigue the ladies. The market can find unique styles with different colors to enchant the customers. Ladies of all ages usually prefer to have latest collection of diamond to make their personality under focus. As compare to last decade; the sale of diamonds have raised to its unexpected figures. Pink diamond, purple, yellow with steel and gold plated diamonds are widely being used by today’s diamond merchants in Belgium. If you focused on some of the reputed diamond merchant then you will find how they create and composite the wide array of different diamonds.

Here; we talk about Prabodh Mehta, MD and owner of Gembel European Sales and trustee of Lilavati Hospital has made the history by introducing different colorful diamonds of high quality. The firm had established in the year of 1956 by Late Kirtilal Mehta; a father of Prabodh Mehta who was the first to take the business of diamond from India to Belgium. Since then till now; the company of Gembel has always committed to deliver the quality diamonds. Today, Prabodh Mehta Gembel offers the society with the luxurious materials. This only proves that precious metals and precious stones can be worn not only the neck and fingers but also in other forms to make the events memorable. These luxurious and enchanting diamonds enhance the once inner beauty and brought the outdoor luxury.

Prabodh Mehta in Belgium is the first to introduce the world with the best of pink diamonds which are amongst of highly expensive and exceptional precious stones. This pink diamond of 59.60 carats has really revolutionarized the world of gem; where the world showed the selling of 83 million dollars. Besides these; diamonds with gold ring and steel plated in oval shape, heart shape, round design all are having their uniqueness in the diamond market. While creating and developing best diamonds out of rough diamonds, Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta has also stated that in upcoming years they will release the loop of amazing diamonds at different section of the globe. Over the past few years, the sale of different diamonds has achieved the record to figure of about 23.5 million Euros.

Whether it is birthday party, anniversary, or any other auspicious occasion or if you are planning to invest on precious stones then get chose Gembel diamonds where you will find the best quality and pure segment of precious stones.

December 14 2013


Prabodh Mehta Gembel Introduces Trendy Wrist Bands With Diamonds

The simplicity of this diamond gem combines purity with perfection. It purifies our mind and protects us from negative energy. It is shrouded in many legends? Became the philosopher's stone, is the divine light, ward off evil spirits, evil people and evil beasts. Here we introduce you with Prabodh Mehta Gembel; a segment of wrist bands with diamond that it became a recognized commodity and is highly competitive in jewelry with diamond investing. So, gentlemen, to care for a sophisticated woman, then do not hesitate with this investment and treat it to be a beautiful elegant diamond bracelet planted. 

Bracelets for sophisticated women jewelry base consists of a 14 or 18-carat gold, platinum, rare and fine polished or matt steel. These metals are ornately framed diamonds. How many there will be, it depends on the taste and especially the amount of money you want to invest in jewelry. Casting can look like flowers, hearts, may it be a whole string of diamonds, etc. Here with Prabodh Mehta in Belgium you can also find inspiration in our small gallery where you will find bracelets both easier and the various complex sophisticated. Bracelets represent precise handwork goldsmith, no parts are cast, and often they give retailers and lifetime warranty. Therefore, choose only the skilled goldsmiths, who have won the trust of customers. 

As per the diamond expert, Prabodh Mehta suggest to its audience about How to choose a bracelet for lighter skin is better bracelet that has a darker impression, therefore, prefer gold. Can it be planted and other stones, not diamonds? The darker the skin stand out again bracelet made of platinum or steel. For a young woman fits simpler shape bracelet. 

Prabodh Mehta also added that brands with complex shapes and dynamic design fit for mature women where jewel lifetime diamonds are more in demand by the same section of the society. These brands are fit for special events and auspicious occasions wherever you want to give to show off its beauty. They can be receptions, evening events and important social events. Moreover, these bracelets come out of fashion, they will serve you for a lifetime and their value continues to grow.

December 12 2013


New Series Of Diamonds At New Year By Prabodh Mehta

It’s all end of 2013 year and another new year is on the way with its new segments of unique diamonds with amazing designs. If you are crazy towards purchasing the alluring series of diamonds with stunning colors then just log in to Prabodh Mehta; a man with great research where we can say a pioneer in the gem industry. Since 1957 a year when had he started his business of diamond till now he continuously offers quality diamonds at regular interval time. As with changes in seasons like in autumn, spring, summer and winter the designs of diamonds have also been got changed while matching with the emerging needs of the fashionable world.

Today, the company Gembel European Sales has its several branches and sis concerns in all across the world including Dubai, Singapore, US, UK, Belgium and in other segments of the globe. Whether you are from Asian or Oceanic continents you will find the segments of pure diamonds by Prabodh Mehta Gembel. As with ongoing achievements and accreditations; Gembel diamonds in Belgium has turned out as a brand of every gem event or diamond occasion held across the world. Not only as a brand but Gembel has emerged as one of the accredited segments of diamonds and precious stones.

• Make your wedding anniversary or other event while getting diamonds from Prabodh Mehta Gembel. 
• Get choose your glitter diamond.
• Let bring you personality under focus.
• Have best alternative to your heirloom.
• Get chose from wide array of diamond deigns and standard style and alluring colors.
• Make your world full of sparkling and glittering with best diamonds.

The company of Gembel European Sales NV was established in the year of 1957 by Late Shri Kirtilal Mehta, father of Prabodh Mehta who was the first to introduce the diamond business to the city of Antwerp. Initially started as a small segment of diamond today, the company ofPrabodh Mehta in Belgiumhas peaked with tremendous expansion in its business while delivering the quality diamonds. In the year of 1958, Prabodh Mehta had joined the company of Gembel with the aim of bringing to its high success. The same has showed by him with his best efforts under worthy services.

You can choose from the wide array of designs including white diamond necklaces, yellow diamond earrings, bangles, pint diamond rings, earrings and many more where you can choose as per your likes and budget. As per new the new year segments; Prabodh Mehta gembel is on its peak to offer diamond with white steel and other precious stones with while gold and diamonds with different colors. If you are seeking to invest in any of the worthy substances as your heirloom then here we have the best alternative of the same where you can invest with Gembel Diamonds that remain with you from one generation to another with rising value. Thus, go ahead and let us make your personality enhance with perfect series of exceptional diamonds.

December 05 2013


Prabodh Mehta Diamonds Choose As Your Heirloom

Whenever we think about heirloom we face towards diamonds and precious stones that always remain with one from one generation to another. Diamonds are amongst of best friend of every woman. Whether it is birthday party, wedding anniversary, reception party or small family get together prabodh mehta diamonds are always there to bring your personality on the mark. Sparkling, glittering and astonishing are some of the unique features of prabodh mehta diamonds that you chose as best bestow while offering to your near and dear once.

These diamonds with unique design that have the qualities of sharp cutting and glittering features are originated from Gembel European Sales NV in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was established in the year of 1956 by Shri Kirtilal Mehta who was pioneer in the gem industry to take the business of gem from India to the country of Belgium. He was the first to flourish the business of diamond in the region of Antwerp. Later the same business was carried out by Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta in the year of 1957.

Since 1957 till now Prabodh Mehta has always gave his best efforts to bring the company on its peak while offering quality services in respect of pure diamonds with different colors and unique designs. White diamonds, yellow diamonds, pink diamonds, diamond with gold, diamond with steel bracelet and many more segments you will find with prabodh mehta Gembel.

If you have got newly wedded and looking to surprise your soul mate then here we have best diamonds for your loving partner. Prove your worth in her life by gifting exceptional diamonds that brought o you by Prabodh Mehta Gembel in Antwerp. Whether it is spring, autumn, winter or summer we have wide collection of different diamonds that you can choose as per your choice and budget. Looking for eternity then the hoop earrings are classics that never go out of fashion. The choice ranges from small to large, from simple white or yellow gold or silver with diamonds fantastic models. They can be perfectly matched to bracelets and give it a fabulous look. Earrings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and many more forms of diamonds you will find with Gembel in Belgium. Today, the company of diamond Gembel has reached to its excellence where it become as a brand of every fashion event and diamond occasions that are being held during the year and across the world.

November 28 2013


Prabodh Mehta Gembel That Glitters Your Personality

Prabodh Mehta being as one of the well known diamond merchants of Belgium has made the world full of glittering and fashionable diamonds. He had left India in the year of 1953 for Belgium where he had learnt all the skills of diamond polishing. In 1957 he has joined his father company Gembel European Sales NV which is well known for best and quality diamonds with different colors. Prabodh Mehta Gembel is known for pioneer in the diamond industry where he has launched several types of diamonds with unique designs and amazing colors.

As we all know diamonds are the best friend of every girl and women in this world where everyone wants to be in-touch with latest and unique diamonds trends. Whether it is yellow diamond, white diamond, steel with diamond, pink diamonds or any other prabodh mehta diamonds are always one the peak with its glittering and exceptional designs.

While covering the corporate journey; Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta is able to bring his company of Gembel Sales in Belgium on its peak where you will find Gembel Diamond as the brand of every jewelry event or occasions. Whether it UK, Canada, America, India, Dubai, Singapore or any country of the world Prabodh Mehta Gembel is found to be there with its sparkling and shining series of wonder diamonds. Besides these; Prabodh Mehta is from true philanthropists family where his father late Shri Kirtilal Mehta had formed a charitable medication trust named Lilavati Kirtilal mehta Trust to serve the society with the best medication at affordable cost; where the same trust had turned out as one of the best super specialist hospital named Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai which is famous for offering best medication while using latest medical machines to cure all types of minor and major health problems. Thus, go on surfing the net where you will find more about prabodh mehta gembel and his credentialities in raising the level of diamond industry.

November 22 2013


Prabodh Mehta Diamond Best Gift For Coming Christmas

Until Christmas, time is pressing and finding original gifts is becoming increasingly complex. Candidate for a really interesting gift is diamond with alluring designs and different colors, which hides a surprise. To make your Christmas memorable and amazing get comply with Prabodh Mehta diamonds a series of exceptional style and unique designs. 

Can you guess what?

Diamond is perfect to delight all lovers of romance and jewelry at the same time. Rings, necklaces, hand bangles, hair jewelry, anklets or ear rings all are available with unique design and preferable colors that will match with your partner’s personality. 

Also now you ask? What quality and what kind of diamonds are best to purchase. Here, Prabodh Mehta in Belgium brings you with elegant and colorful diamonds with high quality that you can choose as your heirloom. Certainly there are not any cheap and nasty that of pilgrimage for a few pennies. Diamonds contain rings of high-quality jewelry, silver, steel or gold. Each form of jewelry is decorated with different style of diamonds with different colors. These attracting diamonds by Gembel NV European Sales are enough to make your Christmas as one of the memorable events of life time. 

As you explore more about Gembel Diamonds you will find amazing deep shades that you can choose as per your choice. These precious stones fill your Christmas with stunning colors. You can share your lovable moments of Christmas Eve with you partner while offering a worthy gift of precious diamonds 

There are many diamond events and occasion have been held across the world where you can find the amazing segments of different diamonds launched by varied diamond firms. On the above of all; Prabodh Mehta Gembel; a diamond company located at Antwerp in Belgium has become a brand of every event that introduced the world with its majestic series of beautiful diamonds. 

The company of Gembel had been launched by Late Shri Kirtilal Mehta in the year of 1956 in Belgium. He was the first person to take the business of diamond from India to Belgium that had turned the market of Antwerp as a capital of diamond. Later in the year of 1957 and 1958; Prabodh Mehta left India for Belgium to handle his father’s business of diamond. Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta finally managed to bring his company to the top of the list. 

Spring has only just begun, but designers are busy with collections for the next season. Clothing for winter already been seen in all the fashion capitals. If you, however, more than dresses and coats interested in accessories and especially diamonds, then sharpens. New collection of diamonds is among the most striking, designers work with a lot of glitter in the form of crystals and opulent diamonds, sapphires and rubies.

You can choose between glittering diamond jewelry for everyday wear and a very special limited edition diamonds from the price reaches astronomical heights. In addition to widely used stones are more than ever appearing colors like purple, white, yellow or pink diamonds.

November 14 2013


Prabodh Mehta Upcoming Diamond Designs

From the grace of halo to the sophistication of micro paving, design trends in diamond engagement rings and wedding band settings changing, reflecting the busy lifestyles today. Ergonomic design reign in the current market is no longer the pure plume determine the design that leads to "Doing”.

"Some brides prefer an ergonomic design that can be worn comfortably and day," says Prabodh Mehta, President and Co-Director of Gembel European Sales in Antwerp, Belgium. "Others want added in a complex environment or trendy style, which, unfortunately, can be limiting when it comes to daily wear," says Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta. Gembel Antwerp is an e-jewelry boutique specializing in Hearts & Arrows diamonds and engagement rings custom designed.

Here is a quick look at the rising trends in engagement rings, jewelry designers in the store:-

Right settings solitaire today says Prabodh Mehta. "Settings solitaire traditionally upswept, raising the diamond to make a very bold statement, he adds. However, people are also choosing settings where the center diamond sits low; creating a look that is elegant and ergonomic too. "With the diamond down in the setting, the brides-to-be are able to wear the engagement ring in everyday work and play situations long after they say their”.

Gembel European Sales make a comeback

The probable reason for the return, according to Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta, is that the diamond engagement ring Gembel style makes the center diamond appear larger than it actually is. "And the appearance of a high carat weight of the center stone is extremely important for many who are preparing the altar," says Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta. Gembel European Sales has introduced several diamonds models to its line of diamond engagement rings in the past year, including one with beaded diamonds along the stem, as well as around the center stone, increased sales prove the design of the resurgence and staying power.

"Trading up" should not always be in front. Many couples consider upgrades for important milestones such as birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. "While her diamond engagement ring was current as a young, many years later it could change or change its setting to reflect transition in her own life and follow the current trends in jewelry," says Prabodh Mehta. "Even if it retains the setting forever, there is a chance that down the road, it may require a larger diamond. We have many repeat customers who upgrade their diamonds with us, "he concludes.
Prabodh Mehta’s Gembel anticipates change as a constant and makes it simple for customers to upgrade with a unique guarantee: Every certified diamond sold at Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta comes with an option to trade in life. The company will accept the return of any original purchase and extend the credit to the amount of the original purchase price. The credit can be used to purchase a diamond different.

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October 01 2013


Celebrate Christmas With Prabodh Mehta Gembel

Celebrate this Christmas with Prabodh Mehta in Belgium; CEO of Gembel European NV launching its new segment of refined and elegant diamond. Do you know that Christmas is coming? Have you placed the decorations? And the menu you thought about it? And the gifts? Here, you usually make a lot of little thing to prepare for Christmas along with precious and worthy Christmas gifts in the form of diamonds and jewelry. Here, Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta; who is the MD cum CEO of Gembel Diamond In Antwerp in Belgium commits his clients to bless them with wonder series of diamond with different styles.

Here; Gembel Diamond introduces you with worthy Christmas gifts in the form of diamonds with different colors. Do you know that velvet is a must this winter season? Then you cannot say no to the Gembel collection of diamonds, a set of bracelets, bangles and earrings made of silver and velvet, available in three versions including diamond with cubic zirconia orange and blue velvet, golden velvet with green and blue zircon and finally silver with cubic zirconia and white velvet black.

Among the most appreciated by women icons there are stars and hearts. Gembel Diamond in Antwerp offers a wide collection of precious diamonds in varied styles and design. You will find in this collection, long necklaces, rings at heart, star-shaped earrings as well as some models embellished with lapis lazuli wonderful.

If you really want to feel like a queen? Want to stand out from everyone and show off something truly original and you will notice? The new collection of Prabodh Mehta Gembel , entitled Kingdom of Jewels is truly regal and important, where you will find not only the famous crystal clear but colored stones cut a little 'retro embedded in new forms in silver metal with diamond but also a precious steel or matt with diamond under modern jewelry. These are for those who feel rock; a way of being current and trendy, recovering the past but updating it.

Presented in all Gembel Diamond boutiques, the new collection has certainly generated some surprise, especially for the choice of some cuts and some very important and a large alluring necklace of large crystals in the typical shape mini pear surrounded by crystals with an innovative technique of 'embroidery'. Prabodh Mehta’s Gembel in Belgium has also added the steel in the bracelet and then the necklace where the stone becomes important, large, dark blue, very elegant and refined in all amazing colors and eye-catching colors like ruby red, sapphire blue, black diamond of rare and emerald green in compositions suitable for a modern woman to whom you want to present Christmas gifts.

Best collection of diamonds from prabodh mehta belgium and get details about prabodh mehta how he perform his best with the tag of prabodh mehta lilavati hospital as a trustee.

September 25 2013


Trends Of Diamond Market By Prabodh mehta In Belgium

Welcome to the city of diamond, Antwerp in Belgium. A hub of beautiful marvelous diamonds with different colors and styles that are capable to allure one completely. This brilliant concept of diamonds in Antwerp had been started since long time ago from ancient times until the eighteenth century. At that time all the business of diamond came from Eastern India that had emerged a strong business relation between the Belgium and India. Since then; numbers of favorable tags have been enclosed with Antwerp. Yes, one of the most prestigious tags is prabodh mehta belgium who left India and shifted to Antwerp to launch his business segment in Belgium with named Gembel European NV.

Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta in the age of 17 had entered in the diamond industry while assisting to his father. In the year of 1956; his father Kirtilal Mehta had launched Gembel Diamond in Belgium; that has now turned as one of the prominent and authentic center of diamond merchant. While proceeding with his diamond journey; prabodh mehta in Belgium has marked with a pioneer in the polished and rough diamond business.

Prabodh Mehta In Belgium, president of the Gembel Diamond and CEO of Pace Gems in Dubai visited to all across the world especially in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, USA and several European countries in order to promote the segment of diamonds. He added in his statement that the demand of diamonds in upcoming 3 to 4 years will get squeeze as the graph of demand and supply has crooked the trends of diamonds. Government policies of different countries, import and export policies and rising rate of diamonds have caused several problems for the merchants.

Financial Crises is another major cause of the same, the dump of diamond demand. But it is not as mush affected as compare to other section of the economy. Diamond is a substance connected with once feeling and worth of presence; what every female is looking in her husband. Thus, slowly and steadily the demand of diamond will rise but not as expectations of the diamond traders or merchants.

He also added that attack on Mumbai and then Thailand have disturb the diamond market as market showed less interest over investment but as with time everything goes cool and calm that makes life to start again. And world has enough money to shop and invest.

After analyzing the whole world; prabodh kirtilal mehta; a great diamond merchant of Belgium has stated that in the world; USA is a leading country from where diamond has got its favorable demand. Following by India, China, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam where diamond demand have also been seen in fair numbers.

Above of all; Gembel in Antwerp, Kay diamond, Pace Gems, Adesh International and Adesh Gems in India, Hong Kong, Europe, UAE, Israel and USA are on their way to introduce amazing collection of diamonds with finest quality. Whether it wedding or corporate meeting, or any other auspicious occasion; these majestic set of diamonds are always with you as your heirloom.

September 24 2013


Gembel Diamond Known By Prabodh Mehta Belgium

The most expensive jewel in the world is diamond. It is the name derived from the ancient Greek word "Adamas" which means unconquerable. In the times of the ancient Greek people lived in the idea that diamonds are fragments of stars and the gods or tears. For the first time in Europe diamonds probably came in the 4th century BC, when it is brought back from his expedition Alexander the Great. One hundred years later, we already know that diamonds were traded.

Antwerp, Belgium the capital city of Diamond where you will find prestigious and prominent diamond merchants. This is the place well known for diamond companies that traded to serve the complete world with elegant and stylish diamond. Amongst of huge list of diamond merchants, here we bring you with Gembel NV which was established in the year of 1956 by Kirtilal Mehta in Antwerp in Belgium. This is the same company that has put the world silence with majestic series of glittering diamonds. From quality to favorability in all segments Gembel NV has proved its best.

Since 1956 till now the company has always worked to serve the society with best quality of different diamonds. In the history of Gembel diamond; it never lose the trust and favor from its global clients. With its exceptional segment of diamond it always remained as a top notch brand of every fashion event and occasion. And behind of all these successes there is only name that is prabodh mehta belgium who in his young age of 17 years he started assisting his father in diamond business. In 1953 he left for Belgium in Antwerp where he decided to launch his business segment of Gembel NV.

Now, the brand of Gembel NV is tag with Prabodh Mehta Belgium that defines the diamond in its own definition as “A diamond is for the physical properties of one of the most valuable gemstones that occur on our planet. It is the hardest known mineral and also very resistant to damage by external influences, including such acids. Rough diamond but rather looks like a piece of glass and only sanded and polished facets of coarse material does an exceptional gem, excellent brilliance and luminous play of color spectrum. This diamond is not only beautiful decoration but also a certain financial investment and a guarantee for the future”.

As per the guidelines by prabodh mehta Gembel he stated that the prices of polished diamonds rose in recent years rather slowly and only in selected categories. Over the last 20 years, the value continuously diamond grown by 3-7 percent annually. In2004 2005, however, prices in some categories significantly accelerated. According to a recent international study, the prices of diamonds in the coming years seem to soar. Demand is increasing, especially in countries such as Russia, India and China, and their production was the first time in the last quarter century, has fallen.

Prabodh Mehta also added that China and India since 2001 are on the top while buying diamonds and this year could buy up to 20 percent of gemstones more than last year. But due to government policies and import restrictions that made the diamond demand on downwards. But diamond always remains the major source of great investment that remains with families as their heirloom where in the next upcoming years it will again tag with high peak sales.

As per the diamond expert Prabodh Mehta the member of board of directors of Gembel NV which is now well known for prabodh mehta belgium has depicts the upcoming trends of diamond demand and get know more about prabodh kirtilal mehta.

September 12 2013


Prabodh Mehta Gembel And His Innovations

Powerful tradition of wearing a diamond ring finger on his left hand was already in ancient Egypt, where it was believed a symbol of love that ran from the ring finger to the heart. Its unique status as a gift of love won the diamond but in the 15th century, precisely in 1477, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave to his upcoming betrothal to Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring now. At that time, diamonds were considered more protective talismans of magic that can strengthen the love between husband and wife, but from now on the royal tradition of giving a diamond engagement ring has begun to spread among people around the world.

Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta And Gembel Diamond
Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta one of the son of esteem and honorable celebrity of Kirtilal Mehta who was amongst the top ranked Indian’s diamond merchants. In 1953; he had established a diamond firm with named Gembel in Antwerp in Belgium. The same company even after travelling a corporate journey of more than 60 years has renowned for precious stones and glittering diamond that has become a brand of every fashion event and occasion across the world. After the deceased of Kirtilal Mehta; the company of Gembel Diamond has brought to its peak by Prabodh Kirtilal Mehta with his unique innovation and diamond trends.

The name of prabodh mehta Gembel Merchant has tagged with stylish and elegant series of diamonds that are forever inspiring and admiring their beauty and splendor. The aesthetic value of Prabodh Mehta diamonds is clearly apparent by the way of its unique design and modish shines. Diamond as a gift always reflects the size and depth of the relationship to the gifted person. It is the only unique way of expressing love and worth in once life that prabodh kirtilal mehta has played a vital role in introducing a segment of eye-catching beauty of Gembel diamonds. The same company of prabodh mehta Antwerp Gembel is expertise in all types of diamonds topologies that are being followed worldwide named gem-grade diamonds, industrial-grade diamonds, synthetics diamonds, simulants diamonds and enhancements of diamonds in order to bring worthy facets of sparkling diamonds that can make you focus in any of the precious occasions.

Diamond is a gift that nobody forgets and that long last for several generations. Among the various customs and traditions; giving diamond jewelry especially for women at various important occasions such as engagements, birth, anniversary or birthday. It is a tradition that is entirely sensible and pragmatic. In addition, the diamond jewelry has their aesthetic and artistic value and are an expression of luxury, may be precisely because of the diamond also function as a means of long-term preservation of property. These provoked segments of prabodh mehta diamonds that touched the heart with shining and glittering features have added a potential way of investment to the many families. During the crises or worst time; these diamonds proved to be heirloom that support to come over by any of the financial problems. Thus, go on exploring your favorite diamond that can add value to your life. Best of luck and happy shopping.

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